Sunday, April 17, 2011

Ancient Visions merging with Ms.O.Lei-ny

I regret that I have not had much time for this brand. There's a lot of promise in the idea in terms of creating; however, the niche is too small and I've focused on my other brands instead. However, I have not given up on this project, so I may yet create more products for it.

Meanwhile, I'm consolidating my land holdings again and I'm moving Ms.O.Lei-ny and Ancient Visions to a new home, high up in the sky on the Mer Betta parcel in Dunbeath.

I think you'll like this new home. It's a double pyramid (a nod to Ancient Visions) but it's made of glass and steel (a nod to Ms.O.Lei-ny).

From Ms.O.Lei-ny

I haven't decided yet whether to merge the groups together, so I'll leave the groups as they are for now.

But, for all intents and purposes, Ancient Visions is now a part of Ms.O.Lei-ny.

Saturday, January 31, 2009

Off OnRez

Because Linden Lab announced that they have acquired both XStreet (SLX) and OnRez and that they will be closing down OnRez, I've taken my products offline in OnRez.

The same products are still available in XStreet and inworld.

Monday, September 8, 2008

Nekhbet - Now in a megapack

This isn't really a new product, but I'm getting the store organized. So, now all colors of the Nekhbet sheath dress is available in a megapack for 3,500L for a savings of 300L.

You can get it from the Ancient Visions main store, OnRez, or SLExchange.

If you already have one of more of the Nekhbet sheath dresses, send me an IM after you purchase the megapack.

Sunday, August 3, 2008

Subscription options

I finally found a cheaper alternative to Subscribe-o-matic -- hippoGROUPS. Ironically, I found out about it from a spam notecard.

So, now there are three ways to subscribe to Ancient Vision notices:
1. Subscribe to this blog via RSS (see the link on the right-side panel.
2. Join the SL group if you have room in your groups.
3. Go to the Ancient Visions main store and click on the red Subscribe sign.

#2 and #3 allows you to go back to old messages and retrieve attachments.

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

A new main store -- Woohoo!

Ancient Visions has a new main store in Amberaldus. Woohoo!

I just cobbled the skybox together very quickly this morning, using some freebie panorama textures, and then set out the vendors.

I could have put it in Aglia with Mer Betta, but I was running out of space there. So, this move is good. Mer Betta will move next door this month too.

The rushed move was prompted by issues with Egypt Nile Valley. They backrolled the sim right after I paid for four weeks' rent, and the owner can't seem to understand the issue. He insists that the rental box is automatically updated, but he doesn't seem to understand that a rollback sets the rental box back to the previous state too. *sigh*

His assistant isn't responding to my IMs either about getting a refund. The transaction shows in my transactions list on the LL website, so I'm pretty sure it shows up on hers too.

So, while I'm continuing to deal with that, I figured, it might be better to just set up my own shop.

Lesson learned: Don't pay for more than the minimum length of time.

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Second store and OnRez

All of a sudden, I'm finding all these Ancient Egypt sites in SL. I just found a sim called Egypt Nile Valley, where they do roleplaying.

And, again, as with the Temple of the Gods, I got the last tent available.... Maybe I should go out and buy a lottery ticket.

On a related note, I've set up an OnRez account, so you can find Ancient Visions there too.

So, here are all the places where you can find Ancient Visions:
* Temple of the Gods
(Update: Removed the Egyptian RP sim. See entry about new store for details.)
* OnRez
* SLExchange

Soon, I'll build a main store for all my stuff. :) Stay tuned.

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Nekhbet, the firstborn

Nekhbet, the first style, is now available, both inworld and in

Nekhbet comes in three packages:
* the sheath dress which is available in eight colors
* the accessories that goes with it
* the collar

But you call also get all three in a "full pack".

If you want more than one color, you only need to buy one full pack and buy additional dresses separately. Everything is Mod/Copy and the bands (armbands, wristbands, anklebands) are scripted so you can easily change the textures/colors. You can get more information about the products in SLExchange.

I named the style "Nekhbet", who is the Egyptian vulture goddess, because of the vulture headdress, which was apparently a popular style during those times. To the Egyptians, the vulture is representative of motherhood, so it's actually a good symbol. "Isis" was probably a better name because of the wings design, but there are too many hits when I search for "Isis" so it'd probably get lost in the searches.

As with any new line of products, this took me a long while to do, so I apologize sincerely to friends who had to get my Busy message. At least my custom Busy message made a couple of you chuckle. :D

First, I had to painstakingly recreate the pattern from scratch. Then I had to lay the pattern on a dress template. Then I had to make the straps meet front to back. Then I had to match up the patterns on the sides of the skirt. I didn't even bother with matching edges in the glitch pants, so don't wear the glitch pants alone. And I studied how to do the folds in the material. Sometimes, the folds don't look right after importing into SL. So there was a lot of trial and error involved in this. It's way easier to do a prim skirt, I tell ya. If you pay close attention, you'll notice that the pattern is also deformed where the folds are. ;)

But now that I have the base form, future designs will be a bit easier. Well, maybe 20% easier. *sigh*

To be honest, I was just planning to do the dress itself and the collar, but when I was showing the draft version to Lora Chadbourne along with the source picture, she asked, "How are you gonna do the headdress?" Troublesome girl. So I had to do the rest of the accessories too. But I'm making her wear the bird on her head everytime I see her. :D

And, just for fun, I made a display which makes you imitate the pose of the source picture next to it. You can see it in my tent at the courtyard of the Temple of the Gods, which is an Egyptian-style temple. I was very lucky to get the last tent available. After I finish tweaking that display, I'll post it in a group notice, so don't forget to join the "Ancient Visions" group.